Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

In a standard treatment Reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands into the client. The client is usually laying on a massage table or in a comfortable restorative yoga pose.  The practitioner places her/his hands on or near the clients body in a series of hand positions. These include positions around the head and shoulders, the stomach, and feet.  Each position is held for three to ten minutes depending on how much Reiki the client needs at each position. The client wears comfortable clothing. 


        Jody Raso, LCSW  


Jody is a NY State Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Yoga Instructor and a 6th generation Reiki Master using the Usui System of natural healing.  Her innate warmth and nurturing qualities allow her clients to feel deeply safe, enabling them to relax and open to the fullness of the healing experience.

Reiki sessions can be received in your home or at Radiate Yoga. Please contact Jody @ for more information. 


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient and therapeutic healing art that has been practiced for over 2,500 years to maintain health and vitality.  This form of massage fluidly combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic Principles, yoga-like stretches, joint mobilization and energy work. 

A typical massage is performed on a cushioned floor mat with the client wearing comfortable clothing. The practitioner can use their whole body, hands, feet, thumbs, knees and elbows combined with conscious touch, breathing and rhythmic touch.  Much of the focus is along the energy meridians (called Sen lines in Thai).  The process is extremely meditative and her clients report feeling ‘longer’, ‘expanded’, ‘looser’ and ‘deeply relaxed’.  


Deirdre O'Connor


Deirdre is a certified Thai Massage Therapist since 2005 through Lotus Palm, the largest Thai Massage Institute in North America. 

She is also a Yoga Instructor and an IIN Health Coach.

Deirdre believes that the key to Thai Massage Therapy is to approach each client with an open heart and mind.

Sessions can take place in Radiate Yoga or in your own home.

Please contact Deirdre @ for more information.