Class Policies

Please arrive at least 10 -15 minutes early. This will give you adequate time to check in and get settled. 

We know life happens so if you do arrive late please prepare yourself for class before entering (put away keys, remove your coat/shoes, and have your mat ready to unroll quietly as you enter the room.) Then wait at the classroom door until the teacher signals to come in. 

Please turn cell phones OFF, not on vibrate.  Or better yet, leave it in the car.

Purchase Policies

All class cards (10 and 20) and unlimited monthly purchases are non-refundable.
All class packages are activated on the date of first use. Please check expiration dates regularly. No extensions on expiration dates. 
Youth and adult special series cannot be extended or carried over into other sessions.

And Remember.....

Increased flexibility and strength are not yoga’s only objective nor its only benefits. We practice yoga to help sync ourselves in a healthful physical practice, creating balance and equanimity in our bodies and our minds. Ultimately what we learn on our mats will be carried forth into the rest of our life. 

Come with an open mind and heart. . . enjoy yourself and watch the magic happen!